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intimo uomo donna Cri&Gio Made in Italy


Our models are created after a long research aimed to understand which are the most request on market…which is the best fabric for every day life…the style arouses the most interest.
We collect ideas and imprint them on paper to give them a first touch of personality. Our atelier has the task of changing a simple concept into reality. Skilled hands cut and put together, giving life to our product.

The constant attention to the detail in the stage of manufacturing, allow us to offer a product that differs for the quality and workmanship. Our goal is to show the care and the work hidden behind every single piece.

Thanks to our staff with a long experience we can spread our idea of Made in Italy in our Country and abroad.

Cri & Gio Underwear garments are made with BIOLOGICAL GOTS (Global Organic Textile Stantard) certified fabrics. Controlled and safe supply chain in compliance with all the rules, sustainability ECO-FRIENDLY.

intimo uomo donna Cri&Gio realizzato in Italia
underwear Cri&Gio Made in Italy
underwear Cri&Gio Made in Italy
underwear Cri&Gio Made in Italy